Accidentally refreshing web app


With web apps, is there a way to stop an app refreshing (reloading) when swiping down on the screen in Chrome?
I have a jqxgrid, and sometimes when scrolling back up the list, it can be easy to accidentally refresh the app which is annoying.


Having just done this myself, I use a global function

 function handleTouch(e) {

and then call this with

 document.addEventListener('touchmove', handleTouch, {passive: false});

When I need to show a dropdown with a list longer than the screen, I use

document.removeEventListener('touchmove', handleTouch, {passive: false});


I tried this with my app and found that it works fine until i scroll on the JqxGrid. After i scroll on it, the app returns to it’s original state (can refresh app by scrolling down).

Is there a way to overcome this?

Well, I am not using JqxGrid, but for a dropdown I call removeEventListener in the ontouchstart event and add it again in the ontouchend event.


Just go in the CSS project and add the line below:

body { /* Disables pull-to-refresh but allows overscroll glow effects. */ overscroll-behavior-y: contain; }

I tried it and it works fine. Thanks.