Adsense link in wiki not working

The links in App Studio’s AdSense wiki don’t seem to be working:

"To see a working AppStudio app using AdSense, go to or "

While on this topic of Adsense has anyone used Adsense in a Web App, if so, any thoughts , ideas on this service would be appreciated?

Thanks, John

When you say, “doesn’t seem to be working”, what are you seeing?

The first link is stale and has been removed from the Wiki. But the second one works, provided I have Ad Blockers turned off.

The pages are empty. I turned off AdBlock and the second link worked but I don’t see any ads, just a text box beginning: “his app demonstrates the use of AdSense…”

Which brings up another issue. Is there a way for a web app to know that an ad blocker is present and inform the user to turn it off to view the page?


More info. I went to IE and Firefox and it showed the ad. I doesn’t show in Chrome even with Adblock Plus turned off. I’ll try Chrome on another computer and let you know.


I found the extensions that are causing the problem on my computer in Chrome:

“Disconnect 20.1.1 Make the web faster, more private, and more secure.”

Both Disconnect and Ad Block Plus cause the page to be blank. I’ll need a way to force a message for the user in the advent I choose to use Adsense. Got any suggestions?