Android Controls and design

Hi All, I’m returning to my mobile app, still deciding about design, this may be a dummy question, but looking the attached image, which control is used here is this a list?? Because I see individual blocks :frowning:

That looks like a ListGroup with Bootstrap cards maybe?

Yes, is it , thanks

I’m testing bootstrap Cards, but here I believe they are not inside listgroups because listgroups are not containers, they can’t contain the cards control, am I wrong?

ListGroups are not Containers, so this capability is not built in.

However, there are functions you can use to do this using JavaScript.

Ok, returning to my project, I believe to create the interface with a gridrow + gridcolumn (one line for each month) and inside the gridcolumn1, another gridrow2+gridcolumn2+gridcolum3 (one row for each month day and column 1 to date and column 2 for text).

The question is how to add grid rows programmatically, months can be fixed ofcourse (12) but days may be 28,30 ou 31
On desktop I do it easy, in fox, vb, now trying to do this on mobile , sorry if this looks obvious for some of you but as I started from basic and NSBasic Palm, CSS is not so easy to me :slight_smile:

jqWidgets has a couple of nice calendar style controls:



I don’t know why to use a calendar, the purpose os the app is a schedule to read entire bible in 365 days, so if I start today, I will read genesis caps 1-3, tomorrow 4,5 and so on, and I check in a checkbox the progress

That was my guess, so I included jqxScheduler are well.

hmm, I will check that :thinking: