App won't deploy to Volt

I am getting this pop up when I try to deploy to Volt “Deployment failed - UnknownError: Could not upload new app version.”

I am running the newest version of NSB, so I don’t think it could be a problem on that side.


  1. What happens if you try deploying something like the HelloWorld sample?

  2. What is the version of AppStudio from the About screen?

  3. Are you deploying to your own Volt account or the Demo?

HelloWorld deploys
NSB version (current version)
Deploying to my own Volt

Try signing into Volt (from the Run menu) and deleting the app there.

That worked, thank you.

The new name is odd though, " …" added.

and when i try to change the name I get “Error, subscription required” while I am logged into my subscription.

We found a problem on the server affecting just your account - it should be OK now.