App won't load in Chrome

After the latest revisions to my app, when I try to run it in my browser (Chrome), it tries to load but never finishes - it keeps trying forever. It hasn’t gone far enough to show anything in the debugger, and no error messages come up. If I put a msgbox in the first line of code it doesn’t appear either.

What shows on the Status bar at the bottom of AppStudio?

On the About screen, there is a View Log button. Anything there?

After ‘Start in Desktop Browser’, the status bar shows ‘Ready’ and the ‘View Log’ is empty.

I put a Print “Test0” at the end of my ‘Project Properties and Global Code’ module and a Print “Test1” at the beginning of my Main() function. The ‘Test0’ does print out, but the ‘Test1’ doesn’t. The app tries to run until the browser (Chrome) says the page is unresponsive. When I open the appstudio log file (under ‘Open Log Folder’) all I see for this instance is “2018-06-01 13:18:07,398 - MainFrame - INFO - Could not find Safari.exe.”

It looks like your app is starting just fine in Chrome - but then doing something you don’t expect. Put some more tracing in - could you be going into an infinite loop?

I don’t know where to put in extra tracing - I have a Print statement as the last statement of my “Project Properties and Global Code” and a Print statement as the first statement of my “Main()” function. The first of those prints out and the second one doesn’t. What happens between them? I also don’t know why I can’t see anything in the Chrome debugger. Why isn’t there any source code in it if the app is loading into Chrome?

My guess would be that somewhere you have entered code that is not included in a function. Anything outside of a function is processed before Sub Main().