App won't work on iPhone

An app that i have used for years on an Android phone will not work on an iPhone.
It will download and it looks the same, but for instance the jQuery List will scroll, but it is inert.
Nothing happens it’s when clicked on. Same with Command buttons.

Sometimes it can be helpful to reduce the problem to the minimum code which reproduces it. It will then become apparent what is happening.

Android uses Chrome, while iOS uses Safari. There’s no guarantee that everything will work the same way, but well behaved apps do.

You probably have a javascript error that’s halting execution and, unless you have a Mac, those are really hard to track down because you don’t have a way to look under the hood.

Try this little console hijacker I wrote. In my code, I attach a taphold event to some element (like an icon/header/footer) and then move to the #debugPage where I can view my entire console.log output.

You can also put the debug div on the problem page and write directly to that.

If you need to output things like arrays just make a separate call or separate the parameters like this: console.log("abc array: ", abc);

It’s not optimum but it does work.

Thanks Phil, I’ll give that a try.