Autocomplete and jqwidgets problem

Hi George (8.0 KB)

I am trying to use attribute autocomplete in Appstudio projects.
I started trying in a new and empty project and was successfull
But when i tried to use in my actual projects, the autocomplete options is showed, but when selected, nothing happens, dont fill the input box.
So, then I tryed using an existent appstudio sample project and same happens.

In the attach there are two projects. One works and the other no.
Make a backup from “Not Working Project”
Try this project (not working) then remove jqwidgets input box , add a new jqwidgets input box, it will be work… But in the old projetcts is impossible remove all jqwidgets objects… it is something wrong in project references, but i don know what…

Can you help?

I am sorry - I cannot follow your explanation. I loaded the “TesteNotWork” project. It has four Input elements. All seem to work as expected.

What am I supposed to be doing?

Hi George

Sorry about delay in aswer, take a look in this video to see what is wrong

If you dont copy the problem, let me know

Thank you for the video. It made it clear what you are seeing.

I don’t have a solution, however. Autocomplete can be weird - the jqWidgets have it turned on as well. The browser makes the decision whether to fill fields in. If it is not sure what to do, it may choose to do nothing.

Come on George!
I know you can help!
It’s something in the project references …
If you start a project from zero works fine…