Best remote database


Was after some advice re: best and simplest remote database options.

Thanks in advance


Remote meaning? What will the database be doing? (Not all of them can handle lay/lng (point) storage.) Which server OS?

DBASE on a server, receiving data from multiple users using app. SQL?

But what kind of data… like I said in my original response, if you’re saving geo location data (lat/lng) that removes some servers from the possibility of choices.

Like anything else in life, some database servers are really good at some things while others are good at other things.

Most scripting languages (php, perl, python etc) come with built in support for a fair number of top notch systems.

If you’re unsure about what data types you’ll be handling, you need to go back and write some app specs, define the data collected and how it will be used.

If you just want to jump in, try a cheap account on hostgator or aws (i’d chose a shared hosting account on hostgator because they’re so cheap).