Bootstrap 4 Input Control - readOnly property

I’m having a problem with the readOnly property with the Bootstrap 4 input control. If I change the property at runtime it has no effect - it always uses whatever the property was set to at design time. If I watch in the debugger the property does get set properly, but it has no effect on whether or not I can enter data into the control.

Try this:

$("#Input1_contents").attr("readonly", "readonly")

This uses jQuery’s attr function to add the readonly attribute to the actual input element, which is contained inside the the Input1 control.

That seems to work to turn readOnly on - how do I turn it off?

Is this the proper format?
("#Input1_contents").attr(“readonly”, true) or ("#Input1_contents").attr(“readonly”, false) ??

Will the readOnly property be fixed in a future release?

Yes, true/false will work.

We don’t have plans to add a helper function for this - but if we hear from enough people, we will have another look.