Bootstrap datatable unstable

Hi guys, I’m having stability issues with bootstrap’s datatable in Chrome on a windows desktop.

It works fine with the examples, and in general does everything I want, until my app grows. Then it starts getting flakey. I give it data and it just stays with the previous data or the sample 2 rows built in. Even the sample table content fails. I found that by launching it within a few millisecs of the app starting it was more stable, but varying that lag changes the outcome. Also, changing the data later doesn’t work. (The grid itself still sorts etc, but I just can’t clear or change data).

I appreciate it isn’t specifically part of NSB’s production folder, and I realise the question is fairly nefarious without supplying sample code (I can’t because I’m under an NDA), so all I ask is if anyone else has struck this? I’ve googled all over and there are many minor reports of issues, but nothing that quite fits my bill.

Other things I’ve already done… killed off all the timeouts and intervals, dramatically reduced the complexity of code, removed lots of controls, and sure enough, it gets stable again, but the instability seems to have no relationship with what I add other than it just gets worse the more I add. (My entire app is only half a MB of code).

Any thoughts? Anyone with similar experience? Ps: I am using volt and phonegap, but the same probs occur even if I cut it all back and just “Start in Desktop Browser”. It’s in a container on a clean form (no changes to default properties).

Just wrapping up a large project here with about 40 datatables. In the early stages, we had some odd stuff happening until we got the sequence of initializing and updating the tables correct. It you’re relying on setTimeouts and intervals, you’re probably doing it wrong.

If you have something which can only run after the table is created, use the initComplete callback instead of a timeout:

initComplete: callback,

where callback is the name of the function you want to run afterwards.

Datatables has been completely stable for us once we sorted this out.