Bootstrap question


Is the one here the one used in App Studio

If so can we add things i.e. Carousel ?


Steve Warby


Also is there a version of (or similar ) I can use with bootstrap ?


You can add any JavaScript library to your AppStudio app. Here’s how:


When I saw the reply and read the instructions I thought ’ here we go another few hours and big learning curve '.

But no. It was a piece of cake.

I downloaded the project from GitHub.

I dragged and dropped:
into the project.

I then use $.jGrowl("running checkScreen ");

and it worked.

  1. I see from the docs you are not to mix jQuery & bootStrap components. Is it okay to use the common components & bootstrap ?

  2. Would there be any conflicts with bootstrap & added javascript / jQuery libraries or is the issue just with the built in components ?


Steve Warby.

  1. Yes, common components are fine. In our experience, it’s only jQuery Mobile which is badly behaved.

  2. Conflicts between libraries are always a possibility. There are no generally used standards for avoiding conflicts in JavaScript library. We try to curate the ones we include with AppStudio carefully.