Break line in Panel

Why in panel.value do not can break line using “< br >” ?

Have other option to make this?

Just tried this - it works fine for me.

This is the main section of text.<br><br> This is a good place to put several lines of information.

No, still don’t work for me.

I’m returning the content of the webservice and attributing in the property Value

Have other solution?

Load the Panel sample and try adding the string. Does that work?

Best solution for me: Style = white-space:pre



Hi support !

What I checked in the test was this: When I put content with “< br >” by typing directly into the Value field, the line break works. But when I assign the content to the Value field coming from a string variable, it does not work. Can you correct that?

Are you using the Bootstrap or jQuery Mobile Panel?


To make it functional, I had to use a Label for the title and a HTMLview for the content, inside a Container.

I tried to use the Attribute data-html = "true ", but it did not work on all browsers