Bug Report - Linebreak in description field

Hey guys, after beeing absent in this forum for almost two years, I have installed v8 as I have to do some changes on an old project I did with IDE version 6.3.1

I had problems to open the old project. When I opened the old project, the IDE got stuck and it said “Creating index.html” in the bottom left corner of the IDE. But to make a long story short: After houres of playing a trial and error game I could locate the error: In the project properties I had a linebreak in the description field! After removing the linebreak, the project opens fine in the IDE.
I could also create a apk with PhoneGap, but there are some more issues with plugins. After christmas I will have a look again at that.

Can you do something to prevent other users from that kind of detective work?

Also, when the IDE freezes and you kill & restart the app, the app tries to load the faulty project and you run into the same problem. It would be nice to have an option to load a new/other project after the IDE crashed and was killed.

Have a nice Christmas guys!

Thanks - good suggestions!