Cannot select a jqWidget Control

I have come to a point where I cannot select (using a mouse) a jqWidget control created on a Form.
The control is the only control on this Form.

Any ideas?

Can you select it in the Project Explorer?

Yes, I can select it in Project Explorer.

Any Ideas on how to resolve this?

Does this happen if you start a fresh project from scratch, or just your current project in progress?
If you have more than one form, does it not work for Any of the forms?

Is the control beneath other controls?

If you select the control in the Project Explorer, can you do what you need to do?

The issue is happening from time to time with under no specific controlled condition.
Some times it happens other it doesn’t (I would say most of the time it doesn’t happen).
The control is left alone on the form.
The control is always a jqWidget (at least I have never found this issue to happen with another control).
It usually happens during my work, not at the beginning of a project.
Yes I can select the control from Project Explorer but I cannot see the boundaries in order to fix the size (for example)…

If you select the control in the Project Explorer, its outline should show in the Design Screen. You can change the bounds properties in the Property Window.

If this isn’t happening, can you tell me how to reproduce this?

OK I can do it, but isn’t this a peculiar behavior?
Maybe a refresh button, that would refresh and make all controls reappear would be nice…

If you run the app, are there any error messages in the Chrome Console?

No, no errors are displayed.

I’d like to have a look at this. Could you send a small app which reproduces what you are seeing?

Unfortunately, not since this is something that doesn’t happen often. And I cannot reproduce it somehow.
With that said, when it happens again, I will contact you and send you the app…