Can't get BS Modal to work

Based on what you said about jQuery Mobile, I’m reluctant to dump any more development time into apps using it…(That hurts, 'cause I’ve done about 75 Forms using the Collapsible Control, and it’s perfect for what I need.) (Lesson learned: FULLY test ‘proof of concept’ with app #1 before starting a second (3rd, 4th and 5th) app :cry: )

I think (THINK) that BS Modal, in combination with BS Button could replace it.

I’ve created a small app to test Modal (attached below).

Two issues:

  1. When I click button 1 to open the Modal (my app), it opens, but the whole screen, including the Modal, turns grey and effectively freezes.

  2. On the Sample app, the buttons move out of the way when the Modal opens. But on mine, they don’t move. Could be related to issue #1?

If you have a better solution to replacing the functionality of Collapsible, I’d sure appreciate it.

aaaSkillMeNowTestApp.nsx (20.4 KB)

Are you trying to use BS Modal in a project with jQM controls? That won’t work - jQM doesn’t play well with others.

No, I get rid of all the jQM controls in the app I sent you (the one I’m using as my testbed).

What version of AppStudio are you using?

I used, but have since upgraded to and ran the test app (same one you have) again with same results as noted at start of this thread.

Testing this on W/10 windows desktop and Chrome.

Try making a couple of changes:

On Form0, change screenMode from Zoom to FullScreen.
On Modal1, change the width to auto.

Modal (like most Bootstrap controls) is happiest when it can figure out its sizing automatically. Setting the width to a fixed value will conflict with the formatting it is doing.

Similarly, Zoom is a very confusing term on the desktop for Modal. It might work right on a device, where the window size is the same as the screen size.