Catalina OSX update broke my PhoneGap CLI install

I’ve checked out PhoneGap CLI search on this forum and looking to see if I can re-install it again by using the AppStuduio Wiki - PhoneGap CLI as a guide.

The last time I did a PhoneGap CLI install on my local computer I remember it was a real pain. I’m asking if anyone has successfully installed PhoneGap CLI on Catalina.

All my environment variables have been lost even though I can clearly see them in the .bash profile for as $USER.

Aside from the convenience and upside of being able to save $$$ vs. using PhoneGap build, I don’t have to rely on the service and can use the most recent plugins. Also, it’s instant.

Any hints or tips would be great. I’ll share what I find. But I’m already guessing it’s going to be a long day. Thanks everyone!