Controls don't show up on older form

I opened an older application .nsx that had 6 forms in it.
When I open the forms I see all of the controls on the forms except for one form.
Only the form and its background color are visible. No controls are visible. The code is visible as well.
I was using both Common and jQuery controls.
The controls show up in the Project Explorer section and their values appear to be valid.
In AppStudio version 5.2 the controls show up.
How can I get the controls to show up again in version

Probably an obselete control. Delete 1 control at a time till it displays.

Try running the app in the browser. If you look at the Chrome console, there should be an error. That might help you figure out the cause.

It’s also worth looking at the “Breaking Changes” section for each release:

Yea, it was a control. I copied the page and began removing controls. I had about 23 jquery controls which I suspected to be the problem, and 14 common controls. Of course it was the absolute last common control, a label that was supposed to remind me to fix something. It must have been hiding under something. Once I returned to the original form and removed that last one, the form came back to life and showed all the controls all right again.
Thanks for the help.