Copy from the clipboard

When I copy some information to the clipboard with an app (not NSBasic) , is NSBasic detect this action with
clipboardData = event.clipboardData when I start the NSBasic application, or should NSBasic running for detection?

I don’t know of any way for a web app to detect a change to the Clipboard. You’ll need to check this in your code.

The app I mention is on my iPad (will stay compleet on the IPAD) ,
because I have trouble to read a file from the web with AJAX,
I will use A python script on the iPad thats read the particle file and put what I need from that on the clipboard.
And hope that NSBasic is possible to pick up this.

How do you plan to run Python on the iPad?

I have installed Pytonista on my Ipad, and this get the info from the web, process it and put the results on the clipboard