Create a Desktop App via Electron

@William_Robinson glad to know. You are welcome.

Can you send me the icon? I’ll try building a project with it here.

Thanks for sending the icon. Unfortunately, I get the same result that you do with that icon. If I use a different icon, it’s fine.

This is done by a node utility called electron-builder. We’re using the latest version, so it looks like it could be a bug in that. However, since it isn’t our code, there isn’t much we can do to fix it ourselves.

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No problem George, I really appreciate you taking the time to help.
Thanks George.


I’ve having the same problem as the original poster–the run under Electron just sits there saying “setting up Electron”. (I’m using 8.05 and I get this both with the Electron example and with an app I built that does fine as a PWA.) I couldn’t figure how his problem was solved.

Any idea what I can do to fix this?

Can you zip the project up and send it to me? I’ll give it a try here.

Attached with thanks.

(The same thing happens if i just save and run the “Electron Weather” project so I it is likely to be in my setup. I have node and electron installed already and a small electron folder that runs any html “index” file I put in the right place. It doesn’t seem like any of that should matter, but I mention it for completement.

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Steve (276 KB)

Easy fix. Drag an icon into your project folder (512x512 would be best), and set the icon in Project Properties to that icon.

We’ll get a better error message into the next build.

I tried your fix and it did change what happened: the npm window opened, but nothing happened for the 15 minutes I left it running.

I tried this another way: I installed Appstudio on a clean machine (Windows 10), copied the Electron Weather example to another folder, added the icon and ran “run as desktop”–same result.

I’ve been sucessful with Volt and PhoneGap, but I can’t get the Electron processes to work.



Just tried it here on Windows using the zip file you sent me. It worked fine.

Can you zip the folder after you tried Run Desktop App using Electron and send it to me?

Also, could you check if there anything the log? You can access it from AppStudio’s About screen.