Creating a run version

I am trying to create a run version (not a debug version) so I changed the Cordova Command in Project Properties under VoltBuilder to ‘Run Android Release’. Then ‘Make Native App with VoltBuilder’. I get an error “Keystore file does not exist”.

I found this in the documentation -
If you do not supply a keystore file to VoltBuilder, it will create one for you on the fly.

Why is it not creating a keystore file on the fly?

I think the documentation may have said this, but it’s been updated. The problem is creating this on the fly is that it is then different on every build - which creates problems. Where did you see this?

Use VoltSigner to create the p12 keystore.

I did a search of previous questions and found that, can’t find it again. it was from 2020.

Thanks, I’ll try the VoltSigner

The keystore button was easy. I created a keystore file, made a ‘certificates’ folder and put it in there
The next .json button says to update project’s voltbuilder.json. Don’t have one of those either so
I created a new folder named that as seen in the pic. But nothing will download.

If you’re coming from AppStudio, there’s no need for voltbuilder.json (BTW, it’s not a folder). Delete it and ignore that step.

Just put the pathname to the certificate into Project Properties.

that got rid of a few error codes. my next build got farther along but gave me this . . .

this is from the documentation.

Android Alias Name of the alias in the android keystore file. Must be in certificates folder.
Android Alias password Password for alias in the Android keystore file.

But I didn’t put in an alias or password for alias using VoltSigner. (I think)

You’re getting close.

androidAlias is always set to key0 . Similarly, the androidAliasPassword uses the same password as the certificate.

Worked perfectly.
Thank you.