CRLF stored in DB do not display on iPhone when retrived

Where did you add the test statement?

It should look like this: (the first statement is existing)

txtArea.value= dbField
txtArea.value = "Line 1" & vbCR & "Line 2"

I tested it in my app. In place of the call to the database.

txtNote.value = “Line 1” & vbCR & “Line 2”

It did not work on iPhone

In order to test similar circumstances, in your sample project, why not just create another text area and when you click the button textArea1.value gets copied to textArea2.value.

That would be a better test.

That’s interesting - what do you see instead?

Line 1 Line 2

Attached is a project as you suggested. Works perfectly on my iPhone.

Project24.nsx (3.4 KB)

This is the error I got opening that project.
See the attached gif.

Try this…

Project24.nsx (3.4 KB)

Same as before

What’s the URL? I’ll try it on my phone.

I can’t load the project. I sent you you two emails showing the errors.