Dealing with a "deprecated control" error message

I’ve not used NSB for a couple of months… today I downloaded and installed newest version of App Studio… Got the following message when I attempted to run a program previously written using the prior version of App Studio:
The projects uses a deprecated control (Collapsible). Please replace it in the previous version of App Studio, then try again.

I have over 60 apps written using this control. Not sure what to do…

  1. Do I download and install the previous version of App Studio ( the only version of App Studio I have is dated October 15, 2018)?
  2. After installing that older version, how do I replace the Collapsible control?
  3. Assuming I do that, do I then re-compile all 60+ apps under the old version of App Studio?
    OR do I then re-install the new version of App Studio and then re-compile the 60+ apps.?


This is a breaking change in AppStudio 7:

It is now properly identified as a jQM14 control. You will need to delete and add back to your project any Collapsible controls you are using.

Were you on Version 6 before? You can download that here:


There are, on average, 5 Collapsible controls in each of the 60+ apps… about 300 jQM14 controls to update. Ughhh. For now, I’ll go back to Version 6.

Thanks for the quick response!


I re-installed App Studio 6… Now, every time I open it, I get the message pictured here… If i hit “OK” or close 17 times (everytime the count is 17!) the app opens and I can do normal processing… What is this and how to I rectify it?

Try doing a complete deinstallation first, including deleting any files left in C:\Program Files (x86).