Deploy to nsbapp server doesn't work (new problem)

I just had to reinstall my version of NSBasic ( because of a HD crash.
When I “depoly to server”, it seems to work on it, but I never get the popup with the QR code that I used to get. So how do I find my app on the server?

Hi Dan,

That server was shut down a while ago…

George Henne
NS BASIC Corporation

Thanks George - so now there is no free way to deploy without my own server?
If I upgrade to the latest version is there a free deploy option?
I do not want to upgrade because every time I’ve upgraded in the past I’ve had to do major code re-writes because of changes in the controls.

Hi Dan,

For AppStudio 5, you need to have your own server.

AppStudio 6 has the Volt server, which is free for testing. It also has the option of working as a real hosting site (something which nsbapp couldn’t do) for a monthly fee.

AppStudio 6 does not deprecate any sets of controls, so you shouldn’t have major code rewrites to worry about.

Thanks George -
I assumed that I could run a ftp server on my home computer using Filezilla, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to run / download the app onto my phone when I do that. Is that the case? Is there a way to get the app into Safari from my home ftp server?

You need to run a web server in order for the outside world (ie: your phone) to be able to see the application. The FTP server just gets the files to their final destination.