Different Manifest file?

Hi, I’ve just updated my NSB software and I’ve noticed the Manifest file layout has changed. The Manifest has moved in the properties window underneath the title of Progressive Web App. Does this Manifest file still apply to native apps (Android Google Play)? I don’t see any of my png files listed as usual and I don’t recognise the layout? Am I not seeing another manifest file somewhere that applies to me, or, have I got to relist my png’s files in the same format as given on this new manifest layout?


PWA is still under construction - don’t worry about it for now.

The ‘manifest’ property has been renamed to ‘extraFiles’, but still works the same way.

Ok George, So I just have to re-list my files as normal?

Also, I took note of the code that was written in the Manifest stating that there is a folder in our main project folder named images with 2 specified sized and named png files. I did this and substituted the nsb in the code for my main project folder name but still came up with an error in the chrome browser saying that either the path was wrong or the file type was wrong, is this part still under construction as well?

One of the png files sized 512x512 pixels - Is this for the new size app Icon that is up and coming with google play next month?

Thanks George


That’s a new file for PWA stuff. Ignore PWA (Progressive Web App) for now.