Does AppStudio has any support to work with Google Firebase database?

Hello everyone!

I has been more than one year that I don´t work with AppStudio. I am currently starting a project that I will need to store and retrieve data in/from a cloud database.

As my main platform of work is Google (google spreadsheet, google sites, google docs, etc), I’ve been reading about the Google Firebase database possibilities and features!

Is it possible to work with Firebase in AppStudio or is it some feature that has to be created?

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Anything which can be done in JavaScript (such as FireBase) can be done using AppStudio. It’s a matter of including the proper libraries and making the calls based on Google’s documentation.

If you would like us to develop some sample code, please contact me directly.

Thank you for your quick answer.
Let me go further in my analysis and then I’ll let you know about the sample code.


Thanks - post your results to the board here - I bet others will be interested!

I have to be honest. I found this old post because I am starting on a new project myself that requires a serverless backend like Google Firebase. An example project would be very beneficial. I would simply love to see what the recommended way to do Firebase Authentication with NSBasic AppStudio would be.

11 Hours Ago? This morning I wrote the above post and tonight I already have some sample code on bitbucket that might (or might not) be able to help someone else out.

It’s some Firebase Authentication code. Sign Up, Sign In, Sign Out, Reset Password. It is in Javascript but if there is enough interest I can translate it to Basic code. I am thinking of doing some tutorials, too.

Here is a link to the code on bitbucket

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Thanks for posting this!

No problem, I just added the ability to read from firestore. I am working on saving to firestore next.

Hi Joey!

I read your answers to my old post regarding FB database I got curious to know if you had luck to create a routine that writes and remove entries in a FB database!

Best wishes