Encodeuricomponent sent to php returning '+'

I’m saving a string to my server. One field in the stringified object is encoded with encodeuricomponent.

This is the field that is being sent to the server.

"body": "NoteDat%20Function%20rth%20r%20ghb%20rt%20r",

This is the string my php echos straight back to me.

"body": "NoteDat+Function+rth+r+ghb+rt+r",

Is there a way of stopping php from doing this?

After a bit more googling I understand it is a php ‘feature’ to auto-decode a string when it first arrives. I’ve discovered Javascipts encodeurl and php urlencoding/decoding vary so that’s where my problem lies.

I’ve successfully saved, to my server, encoded fields in an sqlexported database so I assume the sqlexport routine takes care of this to some degree?

Since SQLExport and SQLImport are both written in JavaScript, it’s a different process.