Facebook and Google Login in VoltBuilder

It was a few weeks that we didn’t compile our app, but since last week, we’re having problems with appstudio + voltbuilder on both android and apple with facebook and google login.

We didn’t change absolutely anything in the applications in the login functions, the web version continues to work normally,

In the voltbuilder we use the plugin cordova-plugin-facebook4-no-zxing2
on android we use oauth method with declaration in extra head

When we generate android app, both google and facebook, after confirming the credentials, they return without doing anything in the app

On iOS, after validating the credentials, the screen goes black, needing to end the app, when we open the app again, the user is already validated and proceeds normally

Any tip? Any change in Voltbuilder compiles with this oauth elements? We note some configs in config.xml shows deprecated, so we don´t have sure were is the problem

Are there any messages on the Console?