Forms not showing in IDE after upgrading an old project


I have an issue as follows:

I open and old (.nsx) project all forms display correctly without an issue.

I save-as so that the project is converted to .project etc

When I re-open the project only the main code window displays in IDE, all the forms are in Properties but do not open in IDE.

No Properties are shown for the Project Properties.

What can I check ?



Run the app and have a look at the Chrome Console. Any error messages?

Problem is it also wont deploy.

Whats weird is that you can Save then try and open another project or leave appstudio and it still asks you if you want to save your changes

What happens when you try to run it locally?

I checked the logs which pointed to some missing files that were included in the project.

So very important to make sure the files added to the project in previous version are copy across to the project folder of the new appstudio project.

Thanks for the help

That would do it!