FTP error Deployment failed

In the preference section I have added the FTP setting

ftp serverhttp://ftp.mydomain.com
username user@mydomain.com
password = mypassword
port =port21
path = blank

I get the following error

Deployment failed - [Errno 8] nodename nor servname provided, or not known: user@mydomain.com

I can use my FTP program with the same setting.

What am I doing wrong please ?

What version of AppStudio are you using?

Due to changes in certificates, it’s important that you are on at least AppStudio

I’m on
The check for updates link does not work.

Where are the updates please

The update should solve your problem - download it here:


Got that uploading thanks.
It is adding a folder scrapeToolfolksJavascript how do I ensure it goes to the root ftp directory

That doesn’t look like one of our files - could it be something else?

Apologies. That was the name of the project and the ftp creates a folder with that name.