GetJSON returns 401

I’m unable to connect to smartystreets. The console log shows a get error 401. If I right click on the url and open in a new tab it works fine. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Newbie.

Function btnValAddress_onclick()
  params = "auth-id=" & SSAuthID
  params += "&auth-token=" & SSAuthToken
  params += "&street=" & encodeURI(inpAddress.value)
  params += "&lastline=" & encodeURI(inpCSZ.value)
  Dim req = GetJSON(SSUrl, params, addressData)
End Function

Sub addressData(data)
  MsgBox "LAT is " & data[0].metadata.latitude
End Sub

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Google is always your friend for handling third party services. 401 errors are not an issue with AppStudio but with authentication to the third party service

The GetJSON function is a wrapper for the jQuery $.getJSON() function. It works identically.