Help with deployment using Filezilla on home computer


I have an app that I need to get onto my iphone. I had been using the nsbasic deployment option but now that it’s gone, I need help figuring out how to set up a file server on my home computer.
I have installed Filezilla, managed to get it set up so that nsbasic deploys to it. I can see that the files are on my home computer.
On the iphone, in the old days I just had to navigate to the NSBasic server using Safari.
But how do I do the equivalent now that the app is on my home computer?
Thanks in advance -


Update on this. I can now see the files from my iphone but only from a FTP app. So I can browse the files that were “deployed” onto my computer. But I can’t find a way to run the html file. I see one html file in there, but from within the ftp software it won’t let me run it in Safari (or Chrome) on the iPhone. I am very close… how do I get this baby over the finish line?


Your home computer has to be able to function as a web server. i.e., you should be able to access the files using a URL from any browser on any computer.


Thanks, but that is no help at all. You’re telling me what it should do, but I’m telling you it isn’t doing that.


Is your home computer set up as a web server?


I’ve installed IIS 7.5 and trying to figure out what to do now.