How do I create an actual .exe file?

So, I tried to deploy my program to a windows .exe and it does not seem to create a windows .exe file at all.

Am I doing something wrong?


What happens when you try?

Have you seen this?

Yes. I read that over and over. There is simply no .exe file anywhere. Just the project with an index.html file.

I did fill out all the fields for the .exe portion of the project’s preferences.

Not sure what I am doing wrong, if any. It seems to make the .exe and then delete the .exe automatically.

I set all forms and the project to BASIC, btw.


First, it doesn’t make a difference whether your Forms are in BASIC or JavaScript. AppStudio translates all the BASIC to JavaScript in a pre deploy step.

But you should be seeing an .exe file. In the folder where you create the exe, do you see a file named Make.innosetup.log?

Yes. I do see the make.innosetup.log file. No .exe though.


Found the problem. I had a graphic that was not a true icon file in the icon file slot. Got rid of it and the .exe built properly. Any way to add error correction in the future that let the user know the reason for the error and lack of building the .exe or is that all on innosetup?


It’s in innoSetup - that why we keep the log around to look at.