How do i install javascript library in my projects

would you like to install a javascript library on my projects?

For example, I downloaded this library to view photos in my application. How do I install and run an application? I am sending the library to you.

Or inform me of the steps to accomplish this task.

Here’s a blog post on this subject:

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Thank you, it would be very useful, if there was an example in ns basic app of some image library. Following the procedures is difficult to implement. I am trying everything to add this library “<>” but to no avail. Or if you could inform the procedures for using this library. Thank you very much

Or another image library, like a gallery. With this example in nsbasic it would be very easy to incorporate any library

First thing: that library you reference is a zip file. You need to unzip it to what is in it. You will need to add the contents to the AppStudio project, not the zip file.

I downloaded the file as it was in the project folder and unzipped it after several folders appeared, found a lib folder with several * .js files and dragged these files to the project explorer and tried to call the function but an error message appeared. Is there another step I didn’t take?

The documentation which comes with the library should tell you which files to include in your project - and which order they should be in.

Have a look at the Chrome Developer Console - it may have useful messages.

Okay, I’ll check with the manufacturer… Thank you