How to set jqWidgets DateTimeInput language

Hi all,
I’m pretty new with AppStudio and maybe this is a simple question :wink:

How to set the language in jqWidgets DateTimeInput from AppStudio?

I want to have the month in the calender shown in German (de-DE). For example Januar Februar März …

In the jqWidgets I found a setting named culture which would do this, but how to set it?

Thank you very much for any advice!


jQWidgets has this in their docs about culture. Did you see it?

Sets or gets the jqxDateTimeInput’s culture. The culture settings are contained within a file with the language code appended to the name, e.g. for German. To set the culture, you need to include the and set the culture property to the culture’s name, e.g. ‘de-DE’.

Code example

Set the culture property.

$('#jqxDateTimeInput').jqxDateTimeInput({culture: 'en-US' });

Get the culture property.

var culture = $('#jqxDateTimeInput').jqxDateTimeInput('culture'); 

Try it here:


Thank you very much for your help!

I got it working by:

  • Downloading jqWidgets
  • Found file:
  • Drag-n-drop this file into the Project Explorer Window
  • Added the suggested code: $(’#protocollAdd_start’).jqxDateTimeInput({culture: ‘de-DE’ });

Thus I as a beginner learned a lot :wink:

Thanks for posting the solution!