Input fields not receiving key presses on iOS

I’ve discovered an unusual issue across my projects for iOS users - where I have a login modal. When users, focus on an Bootstrap input control (ie username) and the keyboard correctly displays, no input appears in the field - so as you type not text is actually showing although focus is displayed for the field. Also, if the input type is set to password - the keyboard disappears unless the password toggle is enabled and then the keyboard appears when set to allow the password to be displayed as text. However, again as the user types, no input actually occurs.

Note: This issue only occurs on iOS not Android. This is also a native/cordova app build.

Solved it - css mistake had set
-webkit-user-select: none too broadly

Also, the keyboard not appearing on the password input is actually a BrowserStack issue related to Apple security and BrowserStack use of screen mirroring

Thanks for posting the followup!