iOS 11 webapp memory limitation


I have a stable webapp running on a number of company iPads running iOS 8.0 and some on iPads running iOS 10. I had a user upgrade an iPad to iOS 11. The app uses a lot of memory (approx 200 MB) to store images as base64 strings in a webSQL table. In iOS 11, the app freezes after loading approximately 30 MB of the images. Has iOS 11 changed how it manages/allocates memory to webapps?

If this is indeed a new limitation, any ideas on how to get past it?




First I’ve heard of this. I did a quick look on the internet - I don’t see anyone else with this problem.

I have a iOS 11 device here (iPhone 8) if you would like me to see if I can duplicate this.


Always fun to be first with something :slight_smile: I did a bit more research and found a few places saying that iOS/Safari is using a ‘hard’ 50 MB limit…which seems about where my app stops loading the images.

I’d send you the app, but the issue is that it pulls the images off our local, internal server, so it would not be able to duplicate the problem without access to our server.

I’ll poke around a bit more today and see what I can learn.



You may need to shift to PhoneGap, which won’t have a limit.