JQM List issue on Android starting with NSB 6.2


There seems to be an issue starting with NSB with the JQM List control on Android devices.

In my app I have screen that uses JQM List with about 60 items for definitions. The user selects a term and it then displays the definition.

I’ve just discovered that it no longer works, when a user touches any part of the list, it doesn’t register as a click anymore.

Going back on NSB versions, I find it works in but not or newer. And it’s only on Android devices, iOS works ok. I’m using Phonegap Build for Android, but it appear a change in NSB 6.2 is the cause.

Has anyone else experienced this?



There have been a number of issues lately with scrolling. Recent builds of Chrome changed how scrolling works.

We have been using the iScroll library for many years. It has worked well for us, but it does not look like it is being maintained. It’s been 5 months since any changes have been made. Over 400 issues are now open with this library. The trend in web development is very much to get away from using libraries to simulate scrolling.

I don’t think iScroll is going to improve. I would look at another way of doing this.


Thanks for the feedback. For now I will go back to NSB until I figure out what to do next.

Is Bootstrap a better way to go? Or does it also use iScroll?

I’ve been thinking of moving over to Bootstrap, but since I can’t mix with JQM, I’d had to basically start over on the UI, a huge job. Plus I would lose certain features I use on JQM.



Bootstrap does not use iScroll.

The only jQuery control which uses iScroll is the List control. You’re right - switching all the controls can be a big job.


Didn’t realize only the List Control used iScroll. Aside from the work to switch all the controls, unfortunately a number of features I use don’t seem to have corresponding equivalents in Bootstrap.

The List control I use icons on the list elements and also the automatic search bar at the top.

I see JQM now has an alpha of a new version out. Do you think there is a chance a new version might be finished in the next year?


The best source of info on jQuery Mobile is their blog:



Does the Common Grid use iScroll?


Yes. It’s used by Grid, HTMLview, Picturebox and jQuery Mobile List. Forms can also use it, but native scrolling is better.


How does one choose between native scrolling and using iScroll for these controls?


You turn off iScroll by setting the scrolling property to off.

You can turn on native scrolling in Project Properties by turning on enableAppScroll.

Display the full list without a scrolling in the list itself - instead, scroll the entire screen.