JQuery List cannot show full content

I am using JQuery - List - addItem() to show the database content in HTML format, but the text is too long and cannot display complete. Can I use the “word-wrap” & “break-word” within the List addItem()?

To clarify: Are you using the jQuery Mobile (jqm) List control?

Yes. I am using Basic language. I want to show the long text content on the multi-lines.

You can apply styling to the additional lines after they are created.

List1_3.style.wordWrap = "break-word"

Where List1 is the id of the control and 3 is the line.

I am tested with the code, but it is not working.

That’s kind of vague. What happens?

My answer was to show you how to set the style of a jQuery List line. I have no idea whether wordWrap will give you the effect you need. You’ll need to work with the various CSS commands to figure that out.

OK. I will try or using a click event and msgbox to display the full content.