jQuery Mobile Control Issue

The Headerbar in jQM all of a sudden is not working correctly. The text is cut off? Maybe it’s something I’m doing…?


Post your html for the header

You can get the HTML for the header by doing View Source. It’s the top part of index.htm.

Just to see if it was associated with the recent updates, I started a new project and added a headerbar to it. The headerbar displayed properly, so I guess it’s something about my program. I compared the properties and the html code to see if there were any differences, and there weren’t. The headerbar is created with the html in the same way in both programs. This is what it looked like in the new program:


I think I will transfer all the stuff to the new program and go from there…

Thanks to Support and PPetree for offering to help. I really appreciate it. If there was something in the html to show you, I would upload it. But, it’s the same. Thanks again,