Latest update asking to re-new subscription

Just updated App Studio but every time I launch I keep getting a request to re-new sub. As far as I was aware, this was done automatically through pay-pal?

Everything looks good at this end. What does your About screen show?

I would have thought Frequency would show monthly?


Can you send my your serial number directly? You have had more than one serial number over the years - you may be using the wrong one.

Hi George,

Latest Key: X43-515-71E

Everything looks right here with that serial number - I even did a fresh install of AppStudio using your number.

Is the date and time of your computer set properly?

Date and time is good. Just did an uninstall, Re-boot and new install. When I launch the app I get a slightly different message now, please see attached. App Studio does fully launch but gives me that warning message every time.


Let’s try a complete reinstall. This will force a fresh copy of the information on the server:

Just received an email from pay pal that an automatic payment has been made to NSB. I have just launched App Studio and there is no longer any messages shown.:+1: I’m assuming that there is a bit of a time difference between payments made and payments received?

Thanks George


Then ignore my last message. Looks like the new payment forced the update.

Thanks for the good news!