Listview size in Tablet is smaller than in emulator and browser


The ListView is inside the Container and its size in the emulator and browser it´s ok, but when I generate the Apk and install it on the Tablet the size is much smaller.

Look the pictures.

Running in the emulator, its Ok:

Running on device Tablet Samsung, error in ListView size:

What’s the problem?

What happens if you run it as a web app on the tablet?

Please try this. It will help determine if the problem is your app or PhoneGap.

I opened the Tablet through the Volt link and no problems, see the link

But apk does not work in ListView.

Topic moved to PhoneGap, since this issue only happens under PhoneGap.

Can you make a minimal app which reproduces the problem? It will make it easier to figure out what is going wrong when running under PhoneGap.

Problem solved!

The ListView when used in conjunction with the Container component,
and with ListView scroll with fixed Header, the configuration must be as follows:

In the Container component
1-property style use:
float:left; Overflow-y:scroll; -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;

2-property position use:

In the List component
1-property scrolling, set true

Important set the property Bounds of components

Component Container

Component List

Topic Closed.

This appears to work. One additional factor: fastclick needs to be turned on when running on iOS devices.

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