Load & Retrieve Images into/from DB by REST service

Hi all gurus. I’ve a Web App using REST services, using peoples stored in SQLServer along with their photos. I’d like to manage Android & iOs mobile devices to catch and/or receive photos, say, w/WhatsApp and have them stored in the DB w/my app. I can successfully retrieve & display them in a PictureBox, but how2 store a new image? Can Y pls drive me to this goal? Is there a sample and/or tutorial? (As of now I manage them with a Silverlight app from a Pc, but it’s time to move to mobiles), TIA

Have a look at this Tech Note:

See #14.

Thank you. Following your suggestion I’ve built some code. However, it leads to an error 404 trying to submit the REST command. I can see what I receive on the server side in the “foto” parameter, and it’s NOT a string, nor I can convert it from Base64, and it throws the given error.

txtFile2Load is a textBox in “File” mode
PictureBox4 is a PictureBox
btnLoadImg is a Button (to make the send op)
lblRespAgg is a label

Function txtFile2Load_onchange()
End Function

Function reader_onload(e)
  PictureBox4.src=e.target.result 'Phone Viewing ONLY
End Function

Function btnLoadImg_onclick()
  Dim foto=PictureBox4.toDataURL
  Dim fotolen=foto.length
  If req.status=200 Then
      lblRespAgg.textContent="Errore "+req.status
  End If
End Function

this is what I see watching internal REST service call

Since I’ve achieved most goals but one, I’m gon’ to post another request for narrowing code, and set an answer to this. Should Y like, have a look @ “Passing long parameters to REST service avoinding 414 error”