Lost Containers

I was making changes to an app in the enviroment and it some how got locked up and I a lost alot of containers and forms is there a way to recover them ?

I’d look for a backup.

You can open the project in a text editor - all the files are plain text. Patching the project is possible, but is likely to be time consuming without certainty of success.

I had an issue once but as I keep all my project folders in dropbox I was able to restore a previous saved version via the dropbox website.

I also had the problem and google drive back up was too old. I found that all of my containers were in the project files, but one of the properties of a container was trashed. They are in json, and the delimiters were incorrect for the valid data entered. I edited the files and all came back. It took a bit of time to find every issue. But I got it all back.

I believe the AS bug that created my issue was fixed about a year ago.