Make Native App with Cordova and related questions

Am currently evaluating the Demo/Free version of AppStudio 8.5 on Windows 10. I notice on AppStudio’s “Store” page (Subscription) on its “Native” features line, “Android” is enabled. However from the AppStudio IDE’s “Run” menu, “Make Native App with Cordova” is grayed out. Is this menu item only available for the paid versions? Does that apply also to the other two grayed out options viz. “Deploy to FTP/SFTP Server” and “Deploy to Local Folder”?

I also notice on the above Store web page’s VoltBuilder line, it says “Discount on Indy” and below that it says “$15/month”. But on the website’s Pricing page (Plan), Indy is “$15 Mo”. Is there a further discount for AppBuilder users?

Thank you!

They’re only greyed out in the demo. When you get the full version, you get all the functionality.

Yes, if you have AppStudio, the VoltBuilder Indy plan is $9.95. You sign up from within the AppStudio app to get it.