Migrating Bootstrap3 to Bootstrap4

Now that BS3 is being deprecated, it is necessary to migrate all controls to BS4.

I have tried adding a simple BS4 Hamburger to a form and the whole layout goes crazy. This implies that I will have to remake virtually every form to achieve migration.

There is no ‘auto-migrate’ feature so I am hoping that there is a less painful way to convert the BS3 controls to BS4 rather than re-modelling each form manually….

Any suggestions gratefully received.

There’s a Migration Assistant for this:


Thank you - The assistant certainly relieves the ‘grunt work’ of having to manually change each control.

Just as a hint to anyone planning to use it: I tried to follow the GitHib instructions and use the console to implement the converter. This was quite unnecessary of course – I hadn’t appreciated that if you click on ‘Read more…’ where it advises about an App, there is no need. I had assumed the app referred to the GitHub code – the exe download does it all, (or 90% anyway).

Thanks. We’ve updated the blog post to make this more clear.