Migration from V4 to V8

Trying to get rid of the manifest required at V4 for offline apps. It is the only thing currently which is causing an issue.
Any ideas please?

Can you be more specific? What issue do you have?

I have a project written in version4 which I want to migrate to v8. The project has a manifest file referencing some jpg pictures and uses appcache. I notice v8 doesn’t have a manifest file. When I load the application to convert it the forms which reference the pictures just appear blank with no controls on them. I presume there is probably a different way now of handling the old manifest file.

You’re probably looking for extrafiles in Project Properties. It works like manifest in Version 4, as least for including extra files in your project.

It’s a good time to get away from old versions - Chrome is about to drop support for Application Cache.

Thank you. I see that now and the files are referenced. It possibly isn’t that causing the issue but when the project loads one form in the project loads but doesn’t show any controls. They are all however showing in the tree under the form name in project explorer. If I try and run the project chrome instantly gives me a message that the controls aren’t assigned. Do you have any ideas?

Can you show the exact message?

Uncaught reference error: pctCollect2 is dot defined. Line 4293 column 1. As I say I cant see the picture or any other controls on the form which fails to load but the object names are showing in the project explorer under the form name frmMenu.

What is line 4293?

How is it called? It’s important not to reference controls until the app finishes loading. Initialization work is best in the function Main(), not in global code.

Would that make any difference to the fact that the project doesn’t even convert the form properly when loading it into Version 8? The problem is at design time more than run time as I can’t even see any controls on the form. Do You have an email address that I can send the project to? You can try it for yorself.

Let’s work through the issues as you see them. So far, they seem to problems with your app, not with AppStudio. Going from Version 4 to 8 is a big jump. A lot has changed in the meantime: iOS, Android, Chrome and Safari have all had major changes.

(We do conversions for customers on a contract basis, if you’re interested.)

I suppose the simple question - How much does it cost?

It depends on the size and complexity of the app, the scope of work and and other tasks that might need to be done at the same time.

Feel free to contact me directly.

Thanks for your help today.
After a lot of flitting between 2 pc’s, one with v4 and one with v8 I found a missing label on the v8 version. Per chance it had its hidden property set to TRUE. It must have been there for years as it was an old debugging label and not referenced anywhere in the project so I deleted it.
Copied the project to 2’nd PC and opened it in v8. Form converted correctly. Ran in Chrome and itial testing looks good. I hope this information might help you in the future.
Thank you. John