Min() and max() functions


Do the min() and max() functions still work for setting the height and width of elements as shown here, https://wiki.nsbasic.com/Responsive_Design_Made_Simple?
I cannot get them to work.


Yes, these should work on all browsers. If they are not working, some other factor may be at play: CSS can be tricky.

As an example to test the max() function, if i open the HelloWorld sample then set the button to have top value max(50%, 100px), the button moves to the top of the form (there is an error).

Is there something wrong there?

It looks like the implementation across different browsers is inconsistent. It isn’t an AppStudio issue.

caniuse.com indicates it is supported by all browsers:

But the MDN and W3C docs have no mention of it. This thread seems to indicate it used to be supported, isn’t now, but may be again:

I would find another way to do this for now.

Thanks for your reply.