Multiarray localstorage eg

I wanted to create array of array local storage getitem and setitem.but there is no it possible to do it? rdgs,tst

localStorage can only store strings, so you need to convert your array to a string.

myArray = [1,2,3]
localStorage.myArray = JSON.stringify(myArray) // '[1,2,3]'
x = JSON.parse(localStorage.myArray) // [1, 2, 3]

Actually,i have to store several rows of “…pic1.png”,to poulate between rows of Image obj,into something like

Dim a(3,5)
a = Array("","","","","","", _
pic1 = Image1.src
localstorage.setitem(key(0,0),pic1),so on

B =localstorge.getitem(key(0,0))

,so on
I don’t know anything about sql…
Best rdgs,TsTan

This is important to understand.

If I’m understanding your query then…
Image1.src needs to be added to a picturebox control then saved to base64 string. eg
pb = PictureBox1.getContext("2d")
then (and give it time to load (is there an onload() event with picturebox anyone?))
picstring = PictureBox.todataURL("png")
then you put that string into an array element
MyArray[x] = picstring
then finally to save
localstorage.MySavedArray = JSON.stringify(MyArray)

Hope that is what you’re after.

Can i change it from picturebox to Image,just one word change.uour vode seem voltbuilder plan is about to end.i rather write "free inspiring short story written by me,put into textarea and creat the .aab for android.wish me good rdgs,tst

Image control doesn’t have a .todataURL() function, as far as I know.