New(er) problem, app not launching

I have a bunch of apps, around 20 that had been working good for about 5 years. Once I did some minor updates, like values on a drop down, now they all eventually end up with an error at launch that says ‘Safari cannot open the page because your iPod touch is not connected to the internet’. At that point the app never launches again, even if I close the application and restart it. The only way around it is to recreate the set up at the home screen, which makes me loose data, or reset the device, which always is quite a big deal with my users. The devices do have connectivity always. These are apps that I set up to run from the home screen. Wondering of any of you guys have ran into this, found a solution and/or have a any pointers.

This doesn’t sound like a known issue. Can you post a screenshot of the actual error, so we can see where it is coming from?

Are there any messages in the Safari remote console?