New Release Problem (

I get the following error with the latest release (I never had it before):

Could not copy file - [Errno 2] No such file or directory:
‘D:\OneDrive\AppStudio\BettorGolf.appstudio - SQLite Version\toolbox/bs4/dist/css/bootstrap-enhanced.min.css’:
(‘D:\OneDrive\AppStudio\BettorGolf.appstudio - SQLite Version\toolbox/bs4/dist/css/bootstrap-enhanced.min.css’,

AppStudio is installed on drive D (it always has been and I didn’t get the error with the previous release (

That file was removed from AppStudio in 8.0.4, as it’s not longer used with Bootstrap 4. It’s no longer in C:\Program Files\NSB AppStudio\toolbox\bs4\dist\css Not sure why you’re getting the error, unless you directly specify that file somewhere.

@GaryGorsline is correct. If you can’t figure out where your project is referencing this file, please let me know!

I’m not referencing that file anywhere in my project that I can find

Could you zip your project directory and send it to me?